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SVMOSCOW offers vastand great deals in products, goods, merchandise, activities, and services related to fashion and clothing. Shop with us for not only unique, stylish and latest products which quench your thirst for fashion but also provides value for your money.


Fashion is part of our lifestyle and whenever you are looking for something to get dressed in from your collection you subconsciously decide to piece items of clothing together whether you follow fashion trends or not thus that why where you source your clothes is very important to your style and here at SVMOSCOW we got you covered with all the latest and stylish looks from top fashion designers. We have a great collection for not only men and women but also kids. Shop SVMOSCOW’S range of trendy and classic collections for both casual and official looks.

Get exemplary and world-class service at SVMOSCOW by our trained staff who will help you get what fits you best. We have a great customer care team that handles your concerns great professionalism driven towards customer satisfaction.

Are you that person who knows what he or she wants by just looking at the product? We have an excellent display at our outlet hence makes it very easy for you to spot your thing.


At SVMOSCOW we showcase a unique mixture of creations from legendary masters like Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, and Ann Demeulemeester among many other underground fashion designers from London, Antwerpen, and Tokyo. We also offer a range of beauty products, hence discover a great selection of the best and latest beauty products.

Our range of collections comes with a taste of uniqueness for both sexes and unisex clads either casual or official wear. We also have a vast collection for winter or summer wear such as great hoodies and jackets. All our clothing features cool designs created by our designer community. Due to diverse customer preference, we have a vast and large collection which ranges from men to women wear, trendy to classic clads and adult to kid’s clothes.


You want to become the best-dressed guy out there in the street SVMOSCOW is all you need. Visit our shop for all your spring to summer outfits. We offer a great mix of cool brands at great prices especially for brands you are looking to test out. We are well stocked in our shoes, suits, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, pieces of jewelry, colognes departments with a wide range of colors and slight variations to fit your personal taste.


Women are very sensitive when it comes to clothing they have a great sense in fashion hence they care a lot on how they look out here. SVMOSCOW has a great collection for you where we showcase various styles and trends to suit different needs and preferences. Our store features new quality street fashion clothing, accessories and beauty products. Find different sizes and styles that suit different tastes and meet the excellent crew that creates a friendly atmosphere making it easy to communicate and interact hence ensuring you get the best from our shop. Our stock ranges from outwears to innerwear for all sizes and preferences. Our jewelry and beauty products section is well stocked with a large collection from your favorite brands such as Balenciaga at great prices.


Most of us are shoe enthusiasts especially for ladies hence you need a trusted source where you can quench your thirst for trendy or classic footwear. SVMOSCOW is a well-known outlet for its large compilation of shoes for men, women, and kids with competitive prices. Their stocks range from your favorite brands such as Balenciaga, Nike, Adidas, and many others.


SVMOSCOW shops are stocked with classic and trendy commodities that are irresistible whether you follow fashion or not. These products include handbags, traveling bags, duffle bags, backpacks and any other type of bag you may need. At our shop, you can find any type of jewelry of your choices such as earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, and chains of any design and material such as silver, bronze or gold at competitive prices. Other available commodities include umbrellas that match with the look of your choice.



  • We have a large and vast collection of trendy and classy commodities of your choice from our top designers.
  • Our commodities are of competitive prices and at our shop, we ensure you get value for your money.
  • We offer exemplary and world-class service at our outlets. Get served by well-trained staff who will help you get what fits you best.
  • Safe and secure payment methods. We accept both cash and cashless payment methods.
  • We have an online platform whereby you can shop online and through secure delivery logistics, you can purchase the item of your choice delivered at your doorstep or workplace.
  • We have an online portal whereby you can raise your grievances or compliments our services.


SVMOSCOW is a world-class fashion shop offering trendy head-to-toe products that make you look awesome out in the street. We have a luxurious range of commodities from both top and underground designers hence quenching your thirst for fashion.

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