Proviz NEW: Classic Men’s Waterproof Running Jacket


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COACH Magazine: Featured in ‘Best Running Jackets” The Independent: ‘Proviz has done a good job with its running jackets. This is breathable, waterproof and its trademark reflectivity (it lights up like a Christmas tree when a light is shone at it) is abundant, rather than just the nod to visibility that many running jackets give. The stretchy fabric moves well while running and the hood is simple but effective. A great choice if you run at night or in the early morning.” Exceptionally high spec Breathability & Waterproof fabric Breathability rating: 20, 000+gm/24hr Fully waterproof: Waterproof rating: 20, 000mm Large amounts of reflective trim Lightweight: 250g Two side pockets Integrated hood Zip guard Elastic waist Four-way stretch material Seam-sealed



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