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7 Stylish Outfits To Look Like An Instagram Star Every Day Of The Week – Mainstream Reviews

7 Stylish Outfits To Look Like An Instagram Star Every Day Of The Week


Just think about all the time we spend every morning trying to decide what to wear, putting together a classy and comfortable outfit is a real challenge.

We will help you with ideas of outfits that put you at ease while keeping your elegance EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK! Here are 7 outfits for a perfect “Instagram look” all week long:


THE ROW Fan 12 leather bag

BALENCIAGA Silk Printed Dress

THE ROW Zora wool and cashmere peacoat

Everyone hates Mondays but you won’t have a reason if you start the day by dressing up and looking like a star on the red carpet. Instead of wasting hours in the dressing room trying to decide what to wear, we suggest opting for this ultra classy outfit. For a sophisticated look, play on both dark colors and colorful prints like this super elegant BALENCIAGA Silk Printed Dress that you can pair with this lovely black wool and cashmere peacoat by THE ROW to roam the streets. Finish this “femme fatale” look with this glamorous 100% leather, made in the USA, THE ROW Fan 12 leather bag. 



GUIDI Yellow Leather Lace Up Boots

THE ROW Burnt Ochre Arrot Leather Jacket

For a fun and original Tuesday Look, we suggest shopping these 100% leather neon yellow lace-up boots hand-made exclusively in Guidi’s factory in Italy. A unique mix of craftsmanship and modernity, they are the ultimate must-have this season. Pair them with this elegant THE ROW Jacket to complete the look. The jacket is also 100% leather and has a burnt ochre color to die for. Its clever kimono-inspired design makes it very practical and adaptable by adjusting its strap and tying it into a knot.


THE ROW Paylee Brown Suede Biker Jacket

THIERRY LASRY Brown Courtesy Sunglasses


We suggest a chic casual look for Wednesday. The outfit features this ENFANTS RICHES DEPRIMES Henry Miller T-shirt paired with these amazing Biker Jacket by THE ROW. The jacket is 100% leather and has a beautiful brown color. This is an ideal set for smaller budgets or those who’d rather a comfy look all while still looking super stylish. Complete the look by accessorizing; Browen Courtesy Sunglasses from THIERRY LASRY will perfectly do the job. They don’t only protect your eyes thanks to their 100% UV Protection but they also look great and you can wear them every other day of the week.


ISAAC SELLAM Crocodile Leather Jacket


GUIDI Neon Yellow Leather Backpack

There is no miracle recipe to looking stylish every day of the week; you only have to follow some simple tricks. Mixing colors, fabrics, and textures is the first step. That’s why on Thursday we chose for you this fashionable crocodile leather jacket from ISAAC SELLAM that you can get for half the price from svmoscow.com. Don’t hesitate to complete the fun colorful look with these super trendy blue PVC mules from SUE UNDERCOVER and this daring neon yellow leather backpack from GUIDI. No one has to sacrifice their look on the altar of comfort.


THE ROW Open Back Remi Dress

ENFANTS RICHES DEPRIMES Manteau De Lane Embroidered Wool Coat

THE ROW Margaux 15 Saddle Leather Bag

Finally, it’s Friday! Time to party! All eyes will be on you in this glamorous Open Back Remi Dress by THE ROW. It is floor length, feminine but also extremely relaxed and comfortable! Pair it up with classy hand embroidered wool coat from ENFANTS RICHES DEPRIMES and accessorize with this adorable THE ROW burgundy leather bag for a little more color. And TADA your bomb look is ready, go ahead and celebrate the weekend!


ASHISH Burgundy Sequined Mini Dress

BALENCIAGA Black Velvet Draped Knife Pumps

THE ROW Erhly Leather Bomber Jacket

For Saturday, we’re opting for this fresh sequined burgundy little dress from ASHISH, paired with these fabulous black heels from BALENCIAGA. Adding to the cold climate, this trendy leather bomber jacket from THE ROW, and you will have a perfect look! This glamorous look is inspired by all the sexy women who rule the world, and we prefer it with shiny lips and classic Smokey eyes makeup. Wear it with your favorite scent, gold necklace, branded watch, a bold bag, and you’re ready!


VETEMENTS Sunday Distressed Cotton Cap

RICK OWENS Alligator leather hi-top sneakers

VETEMENTS Black Mask Hood Parka

We figured you’d want a casual and comfortable outfit that’s why we picked for you this super stylish Parka from VETEMENTS that you’ll fall in love with. Its impressive design is inspired from work clothing and you can team it with a hoodie and some comfy leggings. For shoes, we chose these cool RICK OWNES sneakers made from 100% alligator leather, to add a fancy touch to the outfit. We recommend getting it NOW because you can get for only 50% from svmoscow.com.  Add this awesome Sunday distressed cap from VETEMENTS and your outfit is ready!

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