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10 jackets & coats from svmoscow that are worth every penny and here’s why – Mainstream Reviews

10 jackets & coats from svmoscow that are worth every penny and here’s why


If you like luxury, quality and above all originality, SVMoscow should be your address; a high-standard Russian concept store known for its top quality products suiting perfectly refined tastes.

Having been on the market since 2001, it chooses for its customers unique pieces of fashion from worldwide leading designers. The fabrics used for the manufacture of these garments are carefully studied and upscale materials such as refined crocodile leather and cotton treated for incomparable softness. The resulting products have an excellent finish on seams and details such as patterns and designs. So obviously, the high price is explained by the superior quality of products and the privilege of positioning with a specific clientele. While there’s a huge selection on the website, we decided to be more specific in this article and only address jackets and coats.

Here are our favorite 10 jackets and coats from svmoscow that we think are worth every penny!

1- Black Mask hooded parka for women from VETEMENTS

2- Black Mask Hood Parka for men from VETEMENTS

Merging luxury and underground cultures, this black mask hooded parka is a unique product inspired by work-wear. It’s available for both men and women for 3760$. No wonder it is designed by Vetements, given the fact that this is one of the most unique and mysterious fashion labels in the world. Their pieces come from thrift stores, flea markets, and military surplus. Carefully re-cut and diverted, these functional clothes become full-fledged creations. The young brand opts for virtual anonymity. We only know its founder and spokesperson, Demna Gvasalia. Seven unknown creators of the former Belgian brand Maison Margiela are hiding behind it; this group of creators skilfully enhances simple pieces thanks to meticulous construction, quality fabrics, and games of clever proportions.

3- Manteau De Lane Embroidered Wool Coat for women from Enfants Riches Deprimes

4- Manteau De Lane Embroidered Wool Coat for men from Enfants Riches Deprimes

Another marvel available for both men and women for 4240$, this coat is from Enfants Riches Deprimes’s 2019 collection show in Paris. Crafted with thin white beautiful wool, it also has a satin lining. Elegant and artsy, Manteau De Lane is carefully embroidered by hand with Henry Levi’s sketches. Henry Levy is the 24 years old kid who created the brand in 2012 in Los Angeles. No wonder he named it “Enfants Riches Deprimes”, a French name that means “Rich Depressed kids”. An ironic name but one that sums up today’s target perfectly. The young unisex American label is sold in very limited quantities and to the richest and most depressed people on the planet. ERD quickly seduced Hollywood stars; you’ve certainly seen the brand without knowing it on the back of Kim K and Kanye West, Queen B or Jared Leto. With its punk and underground universe tinged with elitism and nihilism, why wouldn’t it?

5- Maglin Grey Wool Belted Coat for women from The Row

This beautiful wool belted coat is available at svmoscow for 3755$; we love this coat for the sophisticated yet relaxed look it offers. Designed by The Row, a brand founded by the star twins Mary-Kate Oslen and Ashley Oslen in 2006, it’s widely known for its luxurious and sleek style. At first, the brand was focused on T-shirts, and shortly after it has become a real dressing room for fashionistas. A little expensive, but we must admit, sought-after materials and creative designs are what gave this fashion brand a name and all its success.

6- Crocodile leather jacket for women from Isaac Sellam

The grey elegant jacket is originally 12075$ and available at svmoscow for 6038$ – half the price! If the wonder might still seem expensive, then it’s because it’s made of 100% crocodile leather. In fact, the French designer Isaac Sellam believes leather is “the strongest sensory receiver of luxury”. Founded in 2002, the fashion label is specialized in leather sleeve pieces. Isaac Sellam turned his Parisian apartment into a leather research laboratory. For the designer, each product should be distinct in its own unique way and it truly shows in his collections.

7- Khaki Canvas Down Puffer Jacket for women from Readymade

We certainly couldn’t do this list without adding this super trendy khaki puffer jacket! 100% cotton, it joins both comfort and style for 6760$ if you get it from svmoscow. Just like all Readymade garments, this jacket is hand-made using surplus military equipment! The Japanese brand created by Yuta Hosokawa is actually a leader in upcycling second-hand pieces into beautiful works of art, offering mostly stylish jackets, bags, and pants! An exclusive brand that sells in limited stores worldwide, yet you can see many Hollywood and pop stars wearing it like Travis Scott and Jay-Z.

8- Black Wool & Linen Coat for men from Visvim

This classy black wool and linen coat is available at svmoscow for 3605$ by Visvim. The Japanese brand of men’s clothing was created by Hiroki Nakamura in 2001. Visvim knows how to mix traditional techniques with today’s technology. Urban and offbeat, the Visvim brand stands out for its artisan creations. In terms of style, we find American vintage, the Japanese style of the Edo period, French worker clothing, Amish patchwork, Native American style, and Alaska outdoor style among others.

9- Graffiti Shearling Jacket for men from BALENCIAGA

This is an amazing shearling bomber style jacket painted by hand. It was featured in Balenciaga SS 2019 men collection and is now available for 5695$ in svmoscow. The French haute couture label created by a Spaniard, Cristobal Balenciaga, has been experiencing a revival in recent years. He likes playing with the fabrics and inventing new techniques to obtain volume with little stuff. Volume, another important word in the world of Balenciaga: His creations, which often use rigid fabrics, have more than once been described as soft sculptures that sublimate the silhouette.

10- Distressed Black Shearling Coat for men from Leon Emanuel Blanck

Another shearling piece of art, this one is from Leon Emanuel Blanck. The classy black coat is offered at svmoscow for 4570$ and it’s one of our favorites for men! We totally love all creations of the talented German designer Leon Emanuel Blanck. Mixing traditional fabrics and modern cuts, his garments are almost guaranteed to give you this sophisticated look to die for!

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